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Terms and conditions

Products are shipped as soon as they are available and payment has been verified in our end. EU consumer rights practices for postal deliveries apply. There may be limited offerings thus e.g. changing shirt sizes may not be possible, in those cases we need to refund the shirt.

Terms and conditions specific to Harrison Early Bird reservation

Remaining guaranteed maximum cost for the Harrison Bike Standard is 3555,- € (3950-395) including taxes and shipping inside EU. You have up to four weeks to decide from email notification if you want to take the bike, after that the reservation looses it’s price guarantee (final production bike may cost more) as well as rank in delivery priority (you will drop to the bottom of the order backlog).

Full remaining amount must be paid prior to shipment.

Early bird reservation fee is not refundable should you decide you do not want to pay for the final order of your bike. As an Early Bird customer you understand, that you are participating in Harrison Bikes crowd funding and that the collected fees are not yet guaranteeing that all bikes can actually be manufactured. However, as an Early Bird customer you are valuable and essential in convincing investors to chip in to Harrison Bikes in order for us to enable full blown manufacturing.

Those whom booked Early Bird reservation will be instructed by email, closer to shipment dates, on how to submit the remaining payment and what is the final cost.

Estimated first shipment date is first part of 2017.

Early Bird reservation is only available inside EU.

The final series production bike details may vary from the presented prototype bike due to type approval, design upgrades or fixing of technical flaws. Harrison Bikes will keep posting on updates about possible changes.

The complementary Indigofera baseball shirt is an exclusive limited one time offering. Thus if the shirt does not fit we are unable to switch it to another size.

Please ensure we have a working, up-to-date email address for you so that we can keep in touch and inform you about the latter part of the payments. If you contact details are not valid we cannot get in touch with you, and your pre-order becomes support cost.

Delivery methods and order tracking

Clothes are shipped through Posti (Finnish post) to all countries.

Bike delivery for Finland: Bike is delivered through Matkahuolto.

Bike delivery for rest of EU: Details coming later, closer to shipping.

The bike is delivered mostly assembled. Basic assembly skills and tools will be required; The front wheel, saddle, pedals and handle bar needs to be attached according to instructions that are coming with the bike. Note, that all bikes have been test driven before disassembly for packing at the factory.

Order tracking: Details coming later, closer to shipping.

Harrison Bikes Oy is not responsible for delays caused by authorities or a 3rd party company, such as shipping company, during transport.

Shipping fees

Clothes shipping cost is 10,- € per order. The shipping fee is not refundable.

There is no additional shipping fees for Early Bird Reservation of Harrison Bike. Just for your information, typical costs to deliver a Harrison Bike in EU are between 50 to 150,- € per bike.

For now, our products are available inside EU only.

Payment methods

Payment methods - PayPal, AMEX, VISA, Master

You can pay through PayPal using your PayPal account. Paypal accepts also credit cards.

Warranty for bikes

Harrison Bike has generic 6 month warranty starting for date of purchase. The Early Bird edition warranty is started from date of shipment.

The warranty is not covering normal wear, incorrect installation or operation against the user manual.

Your Harrison Bike warranty services are provided at point of sales. For bikes purchased from Internet the warranty services address is Bike Service Oy, Tehdaskatu 7, 24100 Salo, Finland. Before sending your bike for warranty service we strongly recommend contacting Harrison Bikes in order to avoid possible additional transport costs.

Return and exchange policy

For a refund the items must be returned in original condition and using original (or corresponding) packaging within 14 days of receiving the product. If a product installed, attached or used in such a way that it can not longer be sold again, the right for refund will lapse.

Before returning the product, customer must contact Harrison Bikes by email, letter or phone and include details on the

  • product
  • order number
  • sum and customer name
  • address and contact details as (email and phone)
  • bank account or PayPal account details (it may no longer be possible to refund through credit card).

Customer must follow the return instructions provided by Harrison Bikes Oy, if customer fails to do this the rights for refund may be void.

Early Bird reservation fee or complementary shirt are not refundable. There is no possibility to cancel Early Bird reservation. Thus maximum refund for Early Bird bike is 3555,- €.

Harrison Bikes is not accepting returns after 14 days of delivery.

You are responsible for the cost of transport for returns at point of sale.

After return is accepted (product is received, inspected for condition and found acceptable) Harrison Bikes so obliged by Finnish law to refund the customer within 30 days.

Cancelling order

Order can be cancelled without any additional cost if it is done prior to shipping by email, letter or phone. Order cancellation must include details on the cancelled item, order number, sum and customer name, address and contact details.

Problem cases or faulty products

If customer receives a wrong, faulty or damaged product the customer is responsible to contact Harrison Bikes immediately.

Possible disputes or issues that cannot be agreed through other means are handled in court of law in Helsinki, Finland.

Other notes

Harrison Bikes reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

Customer has to accept the terms and conditions when placing an order.