Story of Harrison e-bikes started in 2005 when Harri Honkanen was looking for an electric bike for his daily commute. After some investigation and comparison, he bought a 250W e-bike with a 6Ah battery. The idea of the bike was great, but after two years of riding he thought it was not even close to perfect. Range was limited and the design was good for blind people with no taste.

Combining his hobby of old British motorcycles and his work as an energy engineer he started to design the ultimate electric bicycle. Harri was on mission! The design was inspired by early board tracker style motorcycles from 1910’s and 1920’s. It was kind of a new start of the motorcycle history but this time with the brushless electric motor powered by the high tech lithium battery.

In 2009, Harri put together some parts and started to build the first Harrison prototype. At this stage J-V, an awarded and recognized motorcycle builder, joined to contribute and give his long learned advice for design and finishing. First Harrison had a metal battery tank and frame originally based on old “step-through” bicycle.

In 2011 Harrison got its new lightweight ABS plastic battery tanks and new motor brackets. In 2011 Santtu Ahonen bought one of the first bikes and while at it ended up completely redesigning the steel frame on CAD.

Harrison e-bike rally in Helsinki, 2015
Harrison e-bike rally in Helsinki, 2015

Between 2011 and 2016 total of 20 unique, custom and hand made Harrison bikes were created for different customers in Finland. During this time there was much more demand for the bikes that we could actually deliver, as all parties involved had a regular job and Harrison Bikes were created over the late nights and weekends. Late 2015 it became clear that we need to either pack up the Harrison Bikes, or invest in to series production of standard bikes and keep the customization hobby as additional side business.

New Harrison Bikes Oy (Ltd) is born in June 2016

New company was formed on basis of the early Harrison Bikes. The company short term aim is to manufacture relatively small amount of Harrison bikes for EU market by spring of 2017.

New company introduced also new partners: Antti Leskinen, Landspeed Sportster enthusiast and owner of ad agency joined the company with Ismo Heikkilä, J-V:s little brother, who is long-term motorcyclist, creative director and also known from a legendary Finnish rap band from early nineties. Santtu Ahonen joined the posse as a Managing Director from Microsoft where he has lead several serious mobile phone projects.

Ismo and Antti saw instantly light: Harrison is the best way to cool bicycle ride with a leather jacket on.

Harrison Bikes Oy is currently looking for help from investors in providing funding for larger first patch of bikes, and resellers especially in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.


The Company

Y-Tunnus: 2768957-3

Invoicing address: Harrison Bikes Oy, Harri Honkanen, Kaljaasitie 7, 08700 Helsinki, Finland

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Santtu Ahonen
Managing Director

Long term motorcycle and electric drive enthusiast. Earned wings in telecom industry engineering and Modified Motorcycle Association of Finland (MMAF).

Harri Honkanen
Chair of Board, Founder

Father and founder of Harrison. Mechanical engineer and seven times Finnish Judo heavy weight champion.

Garage Metal Artist

Awarded and acknowledged custom motorcycle magician.

Antti Leskinen

Successful marketing entrepreneur. Fastest Harley-Davidson Sportster landspeed rider in Finland the World.

Izmo Heikkilä

Professional in marketing and brand creation. Probably the only platinum record sold e-bike partner in the world.

Key ingredients and vision for Harrison future

Lasting and everyday functional style and design. We will focus on quality and sustainability of the product. If something gets (after long long and enjoyable riding time) broken, it can be repaired. We stand against throwaway culture. Harrison is built to last forever, and beyond.

Our bike is made originally as e-bike and not a bike with bolt on e-components. Harrison is the coolest bike on the block with freedom of move. You can boldly go where combustion engines are not allowed.

Our bikes are with limited supply and sold in EU. Harrison is a wise investment and life long pal.

Our vision is to be most economic and coolest way to push through the urban traffic.