Hamburg Rathaus

Harrison Riding in Germany

Harrison CEO Santtu went on a round trip to lure in Harrison resellers to get away from a 60cm deep snow storm in Finland. Santtu visited several major cities in Northern Germany and while at it spent some time riding in several cities, including Berlin and Hamburg.

Ich bin ein Berliner

Harrison in Berlin
Harrison in Berlin

Driving a car amongst the seemingly fatalistic Berliner bike riders in cold, wet dark conditions was downright scary. So Santtu parked the car and jumped on Harrison to join the dark.. <ahem> bike side. As any self righteous tourist would visit he scanned through Brandenburger Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and several other key sights.

While riding on the streets people were shouting after Santtu something like ‘schönes fahrrad’ which we assume means ‘you are over speeding you idiot and where are your lights you dimwit’ or something on the lines like that.

By the way. Food was awful unless you fancy beer, sauerkraut, bratwurst and pigs heads.

To Hamburg for some Hamburgers

Hamburg turned out to be a warm and nice town. Maybe the additional 15 degrees Celsius and blue sky helped with that.

We found a market in front of the Hamburg Rathaus and ended up stuck in the crowd explaining what is the bike, how much it costs and where can you get one? It is always very motivating to be in a crowd with a Harrison as it seems to arise such positive attention. While handing out flyers we also explained that in Hamburg you may be able to get your Harrison from following shops some time next spring:

Santtu and Jan in Two Wheels Good, Hamburg
Santtu and Jan in Two Wheels Good, Hamburg

Two Wheels Good in Hamburg

Santtu arrived in Hamburg just before closing time of the Two Wheels Good shop. Jan is running this stylish shop.

As it was pitch black outside we attached few lights from the shop to the bike and Jan went for a test ride. The solid structure, power and handling of our Harrison bike were again convincing.

Go and talk to Jan about your future Harrison. Don’t miss this shop at Bismarckstrasse 132, Hamburg;

Arndt runs the Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon, Hamburg
Arndt runs the Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon, Hamburg

Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon

Arndt, who owns and runs the stylish bike salon, first told us that he is not interested in e-bikes. It may still be the case but a Harrison is not your average e-bike; one cannot resist the ride feel with style.

We believe that such a shop combining style and competence should also have Harrison. Go ask Arndt about your Harrison schedules and prices.

You can find this beautiful bike salon in Dorotheenstrasse 176, Hamburg;

Fahrrad Dulsberg, Hamburg
Fahrrad Dulsberg, Hamburg

Fahrrad Dulsberg, Hamburg

Kai Zenker (in picture with orange jacket) runs a bicycle shop and service in Hamburg.

Being also motorcyclists Kai and his mechanic were both immediately at home on Harrison.

You can find Fahrrad Dulsberg in Strassburger Str. 9-11, Hamburg;

December 9, 2016