Good rides and wibes in Netherlands

Good rides and wibes in Netherlands

Amsterdam, the world of the free and independent! Our red Harrison is like home here. Mingling the narrow rock paved streets in this city is a joy. And seemingly the whole country is like purpose built for riding a Harrison.

Reseller - Tromm Tweewielers- Amsterdam
Tromm Tweewielers, Amsterdam

The food was crap, though. But Santtu managed to survive with local international kitchen and some beer. Santtu spent good two days going around Amsterdam, Haarlem and surroundings.

Amsterdam and Tromm Tweewielers

Edgar Tromm is running a bicycle shop in second generation at the heart of Amsterdam. After good discussions on Harrison values (building a bike to last over generations), features (range, power, speed, type approval), design (wow) and a test ride (whee!) Edgar was convinced that Harrison needs to be available in his shop.

You can discuss with Edgar on Harrison Bikes, prices and schedules at Tromm Tweewielers, Europaplein 45, Amsterdam;

Reseller - Fietsenmakerij Jeroen, Amsterdam
Fietsenmakerij Jeroen, Amsterdam

Jeroen makes and fixes the bikes of Amsterdam

Jeroen has a bicycle workshop in a location that has had one for over 100 years. Talk about good location with ‘some’ heritage.

Harrison is building on heritage though first Harrison bikes were built in 2011. While visiting Jeroen we agreed that his workshop is a place where you could find your bike.

Fietsenmakerij Jeroen, Kastanjeweg 20, Amsterdam;

Reseller - Django's Bikeshop, Haarlem
Django’s Bikeshop, Haarlem

City of Haarlem with Django

City of Haarlem is for peace and quiet outside of the busy Amsterdam tourist attractions. Django is a young man running his small but efficient Django’s Bikeshop right in the middle of the old town walking district.

Just a short test ride and Django was sold on the Harrison cool factor. You should pay him a visit and ask him about your bike schedules (hint: Spring of 2017).

Django’s Bikeshop is located at Konigstraat 19-21, Haarlem. Don’t miss it.

Reseller - Cool Biking, Landsmeer
Cool Biking, Landsmeer

Landsmeer is the land of Cool Biking

A bicycle company with this name was a must visit for Harrison CEO Santtu.

René, who owns and runs the shop, knows everything there is to know about bikes, and cool bikes. He has been on bicycle business since last century, and beyond.

We discussed a lot about bikes, culture, style, services and accessories. After all this, and a test ride, René agreed that Landsmeer would also need a place where locals near and far can get the Coolest Bike Of Them All, a Harrison.

You can find René and Cool Biking the company from Van Beekstraat 7, Landsmeer;

Fietsboetiek Vive le Velo, Amersfoort
Maarten and Marry run the Fietsboetiek Vive le Velo in Amersfoort

Fietsboetiek ‘Vive le Velo’ in Amersfoort

Go discuss about your Harrison with Maarten and Marry, young couple running the Amersfoort bicycle shop and cafe. Additional to stylish and good looking bicycles the shop can cater you with classic style and good mood.

The shop is located at Leusderweg 21, Amersfoort;

Accessories coming – Fenders and luggage racks

While travelling through different countries we also learned that we will need to provide several critical accessories for the bike. Top of the list are fenders and luggage rack or a saddle bag. The production bike will have lights as the type approval demands these. More on the details on accessories and features coming up later.

December 4, 2016