Visiting factory, Harri and JV admiring the headset assembly

New frames and parts test assembly

The Christmas for e-bike manufacturer came early as we got a lot of sample parts, and especially the frames, delivered to our factory. This is is a key step as we were able to verify fit for all key components; bearings, motor brackets, front fork and so on.

Title picture above: Harri and JV admiring the headset assembly and giggling on the fun of the design turning in to actual parts. Note that the color of the sample parts in the picture may not be correct with the final product.

Some parts still need small changes and improvements, like e.g. we learned that we would like to have an extra cable guide in front fork. We’ll be posting pictures of the next sample production bike soon.

Next phase is that we finish designing and obtaining the missing parts for type approval, kick off the type approval process itself and order bigger quantity of frames and other critical long lead time components.

October 18, 2016