FAQ: Are there different frame sizes?

FAQ: Are there different frame sizes?

FAQ: Are there different frame sizes for different size people?

A: Nope. One size will fit (almost) all grownups.

As people come in all shapes and sizes we are often approached with questions about the frame sizes.

For a bicycle, the question about frame size is important and relevant as the ratio of cranks can be optimized to the body size and best pedaling performance.

Harrison is not a bicycle with electric assistance motor but an e-bike that can also be ridden as a bicycle. In other words, while the electric motor is doing most of the work optimizing the cranks and pedaling for each personal body form is not relevant.

For personal customization, the seat and handle bar adjustment allow fitting for most normal, full grown personal preferences. Saddle can be adjusted up and down, and little back and forward. The stem and handlebars can be changed (within cable limits).

We have Harrison riders from petite 165cm 50kg ladies to monster metro sexual hipster bodybuilders over 200cm and 120kg. The smaller ladies have occasionally complained about their tights and knees hitting the battery tank, and the bigger fellows have complained about the missing beer holders.

Have you ever heard of people asking if motorcycle models have different frame sizes? No, we have not heard that question either.

September 20, 2016