Changes to proto bike v1

Updates to the series production bike versus the proto

We have decided to do few updates to the series production bikes versus on what you can see in our latest proto bike photos. There are small technical improvements, few design improvements and few items we change to make the series production smoother. Here is the list of decided changes:

New steering stem, headset and handle bar

The current steering stem and handle bar is not meeting the visual demands we have for the bike. We will change those to be more discreet and period compatible while also making sure, that the ride ability is same or better than before.

We will also change the headset to be modern thread less bearings instead of what you can see in the proto bike.

More stylish and better cable routing

The gear and rear brake cables are both routed on the right side of the frame down tube. The final production bike will have cables routed on both sides of the S-shaped down tube.

We did consider routing the cables inside the frame but this brought up a number of possible complications and few design issues. Cables cannot be 100% hidden inside the frame anyway. Note that here we opted for a solution we have tested and proven. We know it will work and there will be worry free kilometers for the owner. This also proves the point on our philosophy, we rather go with something we have thoroughly tested and proven robust than experimental solutions that may have some unexpected results over the life time of the bike. Harrison is built to last forever, and beyond.

Different throttle and power switch

While working on handle bars we will also use a different throttle. It will have a power switch as well as battery charging level indicator leds. In other words, the power switch visible on this proto bike on top of tank will disappear.

Harrison Bike Standard

Wider rims and better quality wheels

The proto bike in picture has only 25 mm wide rims. We will use wider rims. The final width depends on availability and fit to our factory machinery.

The same size wheel will do but the production version will have better quality wheels (rated for higher speed) than those shown in the picture. This means the wheels will look even better than what they do on this proto bike.

Small change in frame dimensions

This proto bike has one of our last hand made frames. We will move to use series produced steel frame which is lighter but also stronger. The new frame will look the same except (1) the battery tank will fit in to the frame even better (note the gap in front of the tank, that is fixed) and (2) the space between back wheel and saddle tube is smaller, in fact exactly 40 mm more narrow (this will also shorten wheel base).

You will see these all changes in the next proto bike with the new frame and new components. Details on the v1.0.1 design will be available later in Autumn.

July 23, 2016